Bioconsulting Ltd. is a unique concept providing a 'one-stop' approach to technology and commercial assessment covering multiple scientific disciplines and therapeutic areas.

The Company has established a team of individuals whose scientific excellence and commercial experience offers a distinct competitive advantage in the assessment of biomedicine and biotechnology research projects.

The Directors of BioConsulting Ltd., all internationally recognised experts in their individual fields, have many years of active research contributions in both academic and commercial arenas.

They all have worldwide networks of scientific and technological colleagues on whom they can call in almost every field of biomedicine, therapeutics and drug development.

The knowledge of the scientific Directors will be used to assess the scientific and commercial validity of research and development projects. The focus of the company is to scrutinise the scientific quality of a project, to evaluate its commercial potential and to appraise the calibre of the senior scientific and managerial staff

The appropriate Director will be responsible for overseeing the project and ensuring that client objectives are met. Timescales costs and the endpoints of the project will be agreed prior to engagement.

Bioconsulting Ltd. also offers to monitor project progress against agreed milestones. The Directors and staff of Bioconsulting Ltd. and any third parties who are consulted in the course of a project, will be bound by a strict code of confidentiality.

This unique resource is well placed to promote potentially successful projects and to advise investors against some proposals, however well they may have been presented.